COVID-19’s Impact on the Firearms Industry and How You Can Take Advantage as a Firearms and Ammunition Supplier

Americans have a funny way of reacting to disasters. Some people are choosing to stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, while others are heading straight to their local firearms dealer and loading up on guns and bullets. It’s no surprise that Americans are practicing their right to the 2nd Amendment amid this pandemic. It seems as if we’re headed into a zombie apocalypse and the only means of survival are toilet paper and guns. Consequently, the firearms industry is monopolizing on consumers’ growing concerns and fears of the worst to come.

Since, the government has issued a lock down and deemed gun stores nonessential, it has forced suppliers to rely on a eCommerce platform. So, how can you, a firearms and ammunition supplier, take advantage of that platform effectively?

As a supplier, it is essential to respond to the increase of demand by hiring an experienced digital marketer to help generate in-bound traffic to your website. A digital marketer will utilize keyword research to create strong paid search advertisements to successfully influence the rank of your products on search engines. Google Ads is a popular online advertising platform developed by Google that advertisers use to display paid advertisements and product listings. Advertisers can use Google’s keyword planner tool to discover keywords and phrases with high volumes that they can bid on. Some examples of strong keywords/phrases are “guns for sale” and “firearms and guns.”

Advertisers can also work on reaching first-time buyers by creating content that monopolizes on the concerns and fears of consumers through off-site SEO. An example would be to curate social media posts that stress the importance of protecting family and gaining security and safety by purchasing firearms and ammunition. In addition, advertisers can purchase display ads on websites, social media platforms, or other digital mediums that discuss COVID-19 to entice first-time buyers to click on your product listings. Display ads are used to attract a certain audience and encourage users to click on the ad to take action.

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