Knowing the Difference Between On-site & Off-site SEO

Let’s start with the basic question what is on-site and off-site SEO? On-site SEO is the process of enhancing content on a website to improve search engine ranking and visibility. It involves applying your keyword research to create strategic and meaningful content centered around those top keywords. There are several methods that website developers use to optimize their website. Some methods include using header tags, internal links, meta descriptions, and clear formatting for readability.

Off-site SEO, on the other hand, is the process of improving search engine ranking by taking action outside of the site. In other words, promoting your site through other sites. This can be done by having other sites provide a link to your site. It’s important to improve the user’s perception of the site’s trustworthiness, relevance, authority, and popularity. Backlinks are essential for off-site SEO, but there are other off-site methods to improve optimization. For example, social media marketing, guest blogging, brand mentions, and influencer marketing.

The video below provides a brief explanation of the difference between these two SEO strategies.

In this class, we were asked to develop a website and use the techniques that we learned in class to rank well in the search engine. This means using on-site and off-site SEO methods to create more organic visibility on Google. We are required to create meaningful content that relates to biddable media topics and techniques and Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs. The intention is to compete against classmates for the highest ranking for the former category. The real challenge is competing against academic institutions for the top spot for the latter category.

It takes time to build credibility and crawl through the search engine. So, we were advised to immediately begin developing our website and publishing blog posts periodically. The blog posts are required to be centered around the topics we learned in class, hence using the method of on-site SEO. We were instructed to post backlinks on multi-media platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook to encourage in-bound traffic, which is an example of off-site SEO. It is strongly recommended to use both methods to efficiently optimize your site.

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